Interesting stuff to read for free. Just download it // Linux Journal 25th Anniversary Issue


Dobbie was quicker with this:

I tried to download this but was unsuccesfull, it said to submit an email to receive emails from them as a condition but nowhere on the page was an input box, maybe its my browser palemoon, but that shouldnt be the case. Says to fill out a field that is non existent?

@xsme Yes, you have right. Damn, Dobbie was waaaay quicker than me. Should i delete it? @Dobbie03
@s7l I have no problems with the download. For me there was an input box.
If you want, i can send it to you as pdf. Email Adress?

I too can’t seem to get this as well. I even checked my spam box. I have tried three different days and no joy.

Nah you’re cool. Leave it :smiley:

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Is it possible that if someone who was successful in getting the magazine post it somewhere for the rest of us who couldn’t get it, if possible that is of course. Thanks in advance.

@sevenday4 Yes it is, but only for 30 days. I send you a pm.
Anyone else want it?