Interesting set up and config stuff to read (Arch linux, dwm etc.)



Today i found an interesting site, where the maintainer explain useful (more or less) stuff in his blog.


Thx for sharing @subjunkie


Thanks @subjunkie!!


Yay! Jason is a legend over at the Arch Forums, it’s a shame he’s not updating the blog any more but there’s some good stuff in there.


Yes, it is a shame, that he is not updating anymore. There is so much stuff to read and learn.

Btw… thanks to Jason and his blog. Wherever Jason is…


Actually, I think he is a Kiwi:

S 41°15’ 0’’ / E 174°53’ 0’’

Lots of good people on that island, that’s for sure :slight_smile:


@Head_on_a_Stick Thats for sure. It seems, that i have to make short trip to NZ. :thinking:

But you are a little legend too. I saw your name in every important forum ( and others) with tips for configs and stuff. Thank you to you too.


Thank you for your kind words, it is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Yep, HoaS s pretty good with Linux, he s also on most forums I m on or was on.


jwr is a fellow kiwi. Very knowledgeable but short on patience.