Interesting, isn't it? Especially to BL guys. :)

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Thx for sharing, wasn t aware of this,

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Yep some of the packages in debian stable can go back 10 years.

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Which is weird, specially that some updates every weeks or so.

@altman usually patches and security updates if on stable.

I think the dev is just not happy that debian is not progressing alongside other more advanced operating systems in how they manage the tooling.

Bet that might be the case, we never know right !

It is unfortunate that Michael has decided to leave but it’s probably worth noting that Debian has 256 developers:

By way of contrast, Arch Linux has 36 developers:

I don’t agree with Michael’s assessment of the bug reporting situation at Debian, check out how fast this report was resolved:

I submitted it yesterday at 19:45 and I had a working version on my system by 20:00 :sunglasses:

There was also my (erroneous) bug for mksh that was dismissed within an hour and a half:

I once submitted a bug report for Arch’s mksh package that went unresolved for months

Wow, that was quick ! Thx for the explanations @Head_on_a_Stick