Interesting find - but maybe not so interesting

I noticed today that when I run mutt and have it update all mailboxes, a change has been done by the maintainers (assumed). Of course, this may have been done some time ago but never noticed.,

chris@mars:~$ mutt
Notice: Master/Slave are deprecated; use Far/Near instead.
C: 0/2 B: 8/9 F: +0/0 *0/0 #0/0 N: +0/0 *0/0 #0/0

UPDATE: Huh this may have been done some time ago. Goes to show you how often there is a need for me to modify my mutt/isync configs. I would have never seen this if it were not for my gmail setup to bork.

Probably done some time ago, maintainer is now Woke/PC.

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Just to let you know, Dobbie had to set some forum rules because of other’s sensibilities, and I don’t know if this is referring to wake on LAN, but if it’s not referring to the tech itself - which is an email client - well I think you understand.

Still on mutt?

I installed mutt, but yet to have to configure it. I use a browser for my email, I don’t prefer an email client, especially the ones who run in the background. I get email alerts on my mobile, and even then, I only receive alerts from people and clients I chose to receive from. I don’t need to know if Petsmart has dog food on sale for example.

I like the idea of having an email client in CLI, because I can just open a terminal and do email from there, I write papers and articles using text based applications like FocusWriter, so mutt lives on that space at least from my perspective.

Is there an alternative to it?

sure, this one

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Nice, gonna have to try this one out.

I actually prefer NeoMutt - I don’t know the tech diffs between the Mutt of old and Neo but I suppose one can take a page out of the VIM/NeoVIM happenings (I assume) this could explain why there are two.
Pine/Alpine are nice also - that was my first text client some years ago. If I’m not mistaken, there is/was Elm also

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You might also try alpine (a pine fork, I think).

I have not be able to make terminal email clients work for me since the mid 1980s… :wink: Too much thinking required.

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Think this could be your favorite desktop. :grinning: We’re all old schoolers.


Flashback of running SCO!!!

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I tried this CDE (FVWM3) layout and flashed back to the early 1990s at DEC.

EDIT: NsCDE (Hegel3DReloaded) · GitHub



I miss that old OS.