Interested in Fluxbox but

Hi all!

I saw some screen shots of Fluxbox and got interested!
Arch-wiki has some info but they link alot and almost all links lead nowhere.

How alive and well are Fluxbox?

Anyone having a good place for Fluxbox how-tos, configs etc.?


This has everything. AL repo contains Fluxbox config/theming files. It’s good enough, or I should say better than most implementations out there.


Nice link in there @chroot

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Like openbox, fluxbox is feature complete and only gets the occasional bug fix.

In addition to the main man page, all the configuration files for fluxbox have their own man page. Configuration is by simple text files so it’s easy to figure out.

If you want a fluxbox style (theme) - these tenr styles are good, or - in a shameless bit of self-promotion - you can get some from the VSIDO page.

Fluxbox has a native panel with system tray and clock. If you prefer tint2, it works well with fluxbox. Like openbox, fluxbox has a startup (auotstart) file in the user’s ~/.fluxbox location.


There is an awful lot of work being put into MXLinux’s Fluxbox (FB). The community is extremely active. I am not a fan of FB so really I can’t say much beyond that…


Thanks wonderful people!!

I will dive right into it!!


That guy knows how to create beautiful desktops.


Great stuff!!

Thanks alot!!


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