Intel Nuc

Bought a Nuc today, not a very powerfull one, just something to play music and video on and do menial tasks. Put Archlabs on it and its working quite well ootb from the installer. Not using uefi and fallback to legacy boot, i really dont understand that side of computing these days, i probably should try though.

Put a crucial ssd and memstick in it works pretty quick, need to sort out best method to conserve the ssd, setup trim etc i think. Not on the nuc atm, on the laptop, tommorow i will be setting it up proper. Pretty easy install for Archlabs imo, very nice installer.

Oh yeah the salesman who did the transaction said all i needed to do was install windows 10 as I left the store, i laughed!

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Could be useful at some tasks, but it’s damned overpriced here.

@nwg yeah i managed to get this one for aud 200, ram was 49, ssd was 53. So in total $302. What is the asking price where you are?

Locally it’s 819 PLN = 214 USD = 303 AUD

Alright, this certain one was already equipped with 120 GB SSD. W/o the disk I could buy it for 559 PLN.