InstantOS first impressions

I thought very much that I would like this, but strangely I don’t. The install was fairly painfree. But when I think about it, I think the over-riced interface is the thing that is putting me off. This is obviously very subjective, and another user might love it for that very reason. It is fairly pure arch, and the ISO is very trimmed down. I just thought the interface was too eye-candy for the type of user arch (I think) typically has.

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You mentioned, over ricing. Bingo! That’s what turns me off about distros in general.
This is precisely why Arch (vanilla Arch and ArchLabs) and Debian are my go to distros.
That is the main reason I opted for ArchLabs. It has just enough ricing to pull you in (for those that don’t do much, have not done much, or prefer lighter visual effects) but leaves the door wide open to change it at will.

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Totally agree @Chris This ricing thingy looks cheap, sort of like bling (the negative connotation). All kinds of transparencies, effects of windows moving etc.

Now what I will distinguish from this kind of visual candy is cool configs. I know AL does not ship w/ those anymore, but when I installed they used to ship with some very nice configs. Simple things that made me think: like vim’s leader was <space> instead of the default . there were also a bunch of innovative functions in my vimrc (or rather init for nvim). My dwm was also tweaked (like it has different mappings for alt-tab). Things of that nature which made me think “maybe this is better for my productivity”.

And I liked the overall minimalism of the design. Somehow I don’t feel the computer is meant to be too pretty. I mean, buy a painting or something :-), right?

Or maybe this is an age thing: I’m old (and have been for a while now). The younger 'uns perhaps like the eye candy model :slight_smile:

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All the modded desktops at Unixporn all wind up looking the same, and they all show off a playlist in Cli, htop, and their choice in anime for wallpaper. I rarely see any actual reason why in regarding workflow or how it optimizes it, and the applications. It’s like the Win 7 ASUS Rog 3-D scheme with a Lamborghini as the wallpaper all over again.

It does drive innovation however. But theming the hell out of i3? It’s a minimal window manager. You do that with Budgie or GNOME. XFCE, well they are finally coming around to helping Cinderella get to the ball, after she has been a spinster all the while, watching Plasma lose weight and become sexy.

LOL - That;s pretty much spot on. Would be nice to actually ask some of them; tell me what you actually DO with you Linux system. To me, that would prove to be interesting.

I suspect many would answer; well, it’s Linux! Oh, and BTW, I use Arch

I used ■■■■ for a while when I got back into Linux a couple of years ago. It made XFCE look good. The main ISO has XFCE, i3, and Openbox. I then used the Xtended that had just WM’s. Then I went back to the main ISO, used their tweak tool, and loaded almost every DE and WM they had lol. I wasn’t getting anything done or learning anything. Most of their tutorials were about theming or customization. It got to the point where any sight of Sardi icons made me want to puke. It has like four applications just to manage wallpapers, all of the stock choices of wallpaper I didn’t even like. The main ISO had at least nine keybindings for Variety alone, and that was the first application I shitcanned after install. ■■■■ does a really great job promoting Linux, and they do put out a lot of video tutorials, but mostly covering customization. I see the name is masked here lulz, so I won’t get into it any further, but even though I can go vanilla Arch, I like distros. Archlabs, ArchBang (it’s really just an installer with Openbox which is cool with me), Anarchy, Bunsen, EOS (who does not have I think yet an Openbox desktop at install, but their i3 is top notch), I just use those, or MX/AntiX for a more featured Debian distro.

I just started watching YouTube tutorials, one which I found has a lot of great info for someone like myself who dives head first into this stuff. EF Tech is the channel. Thing is the guy shreds right through installs like Yngwie on meth playing Paganini. I can’t keep up with that guy, he does this in his sleep. I am like 'I’ll get there someday" lol.

Gotta say… that InstantOS left lots of trash on my system. It did not clean up well after I was done testing it. It’s a little like trying Luke Smith’s LARBS. There’s so much tweaking, you hardly recognize what you went there to learn at the outset.

Personally I can tweak my heart away with basic dwm (suckless tools) and get something which seems very fast and is easy on my old eyes.

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I agree - I cut my teeth with LARBS. While Luke does a fine job overall, it really is suited for him. What cracks me up are the Luke-ites. While many certainly do go off into their own venue (eventually), it is comical to see the dot files of some of these folks and that a huge percent of the dots are Luke’s work.
That being said; I guess it’s true that imitation is the bets form of flattery.

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I copped some dot files off of Github for Sway a couple of months ago, because I was too lazy to config Sway, and the config’s were pretty cool. Then I looked at the wallpaper collection. I don’t know why it is about girls in anime and modding WMs with some of these youngsters, all I knew was I had to ditch the wallpapers and the whole dot files because I am 54 years old, and a man my age has no business with that kind of stuff.

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This distro does nothing for me, yep I respect the skill and effort but it is so flashy. Far too flashy for simple old Dobbie.


Yeah I tried Archcraft and the devs earlier archiso, and while it’s neat, to me it’s too much of a PITA to to deal with all the little bits and pieces that puts it together. I like how he modularized the WM’s, but as you can see from my latest screenshots, all I need is a simple Tint bar and Openbox for the most part. Even full on XFCE bugs me lol. I tried loading Openbox on A/V Linux, but I didn’t want to deconstruct that distro to make that work the way I think it can in Openbox or Awesome. I don’t like fully loaded and modded distros for that reason. With both BL and AL as a baseline of efficiency to weigh on, and of course Crunchbang as the Godfather, I am all good.

What kills me is people modding the hell out of tiling WM’s, with the reason why they chose them is to take advantage of the screen real estate, and mostly always in full screen when it comes to workflow. I suppose I could add a fancy polybar, but don’t pay attention to how much resources my laptop is using until I hear the fan get louder, and that mostly happens when it’s compiling something or I am pushing the framerate with hi res video. A tiny little applet trying to show as a meter isn’t giving me the info like an actual numerical value does, like in AL’s default i3 status bar for example. All I need is a number, I see enough meters at work lol.

It’s r/unixporn’s fault. So trendy

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OK, here’s a good example of function losing over form by over-ricing. Can you believe that the TERMINAL in InstantOS started to malfunction badly? I honestly have not encountered that before. Reason: all these fancy visual effects they try to put into the terminal. See screenshot. Suddenly terminal started putting weird spacing between characters which I had not typed in. Then when I try to type a command, it sees a different command (like, I type pacman, it says pacmaNN not found.). This over-riced terminal (supposedly using some configs/ricing from some guy called Luke) is just crap if it does not work 100% of the time. Even messing up a terminal? Come on! Some things have to be rock solid, and a linux terminal should be like that (at least in a shipped distro).

Keep things simple and functional. That’s what I like about AL. 2020-10-14-054510_231x46_scrot

The over-riced terminal (if I can call it that anymore) is also not rendering simple text applications like nvim correctly. See screenshot. At this point, it is completely unusable. I gotta say it takes some doing to do this to a TERMINAL!

All this fancy stuff (commands changing colors as you type them, fancy visual shapes etc which are obviously not just text etc) has ruined the basic function of a terminal. It is like a “car” with ivory/gold seats but no engine.

I will uninstall this InstantOS and retry Garuda or Arcolinux.

PS: I know Oh-My-Zsh is all the rage, but I found it very bloated. Still, it has useful plugins depending on your workflow. But Instant rices on top of OMZ also, which is a whole new level of ricing. And not sold on this tmux autostart either. Too much being done when all I ask for is a simple terminal to get work done.

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OK, did some more testing on instant.

  1. I installed kde (basic). Konsole and yakuake are completely broken. As in unusable. The only terminals that do work are st (the native terminal of instant) and xfce4terminal. The former loses its theme though: the background color is lost.
  2. On instantwm, the fact that tmux is started automatically causes issues. Like open st, and issue command xfce4-terminal, and this happens (screenshot). Not OK. So I have to even worry about opening terminals from st.

Overdone, overriced, not enough solid design, not enough testing w/ other combinations (kde etc.). Just not good engineering, period. Sorry to be harsh on this, but a shipped distro should not have SO many issues.

Maybe when I was young, I mighta liked this, but I ain’t young! Bones creaking maan!

It could be but when the same boring shit is posted all the time you can understand why distrolets like Archcraft and InstantOS appear. They bring something different to the table.

That’s one of the reasons why I don’t go too in depth with my customising (I refuse to call it ‘ricing’, I think it is a stupid fucking description). I was constantly fighting against my system to get it to how I wanted it to work and look and in the end I have found that I prefer the simple look.

Yeah, I literally get zero upvotes at Unixporn and I post the same setup all the time, but it looks good and functions exactly how I want it to with minimal fuss.

One day I am going to experiment at /r/unixporn and post a scrot with an anime wallpaper and see if that gets any more votes than usual.

Give it time to mature. I personally probably will never use InstantOS, same with Archcraft but I know hundreds of people will and I would really like to see these projects develop.


Same here, I think it’s a racial slur towards Asians, as in “rice burner” when people mod Japanese cars, or own Japanese motorcycles. I don’t follow NASCAR or auto racing much, but when I was a kid, I was a gear head who was into modding American Muscle cars. I was also into racing dirt bikes and anything that went fast. I have never seen the word “ricing” used in any racing sports back then. I find it immature, and anyone who is a developer should shitcan it, because it’s beneath and derogatory to the technology itself.

I use the term “modding” personally, especially when I post on Unixporn. Reddit for the most part is a shite hole of opinion, but it does have a robust Linux user base. The worst over there is “Arch Guy”, who think they have a Masters degree in computer science just because they read a Wiki.

That’s how I feel. If it get’s more people into using Linux, it’s better for everyone who already uses Linux. It can gain more attention that could have existing software manufacturers port to it, like Steam for example because of the gaming market. Windows has a rabid base over at DeviantArt when it comes to customization, and they started taking cues from Linux. You had to break Windows a bit with patches to mod it (and I have modded way too many Windows desktops over the years lulz), but with Linux, it takes a lot more skill and patience because you’re dealing with code and languages, not just copying files. Of course people can copy dotfiles over to their .config folder, but even then one has to edit them to have their own desktop.

I use Openbox, and the two devs who have popularized customization in it in Addy and Adi ( using their Git names without the Roman numerals lol) I wholeheartedly thank, although you don’t see it on my desktop. Again, I try to adhere to the Crunchbang ethos, because I was modding Linux desktops way back then, until I found Crunchbang. To me it was the perfect distro and desktop, no need for futther hopping and customization.

Absolutely agree I may have misrepresented myself I’m a fan of both mentioned, I was referring to the comment about WM minimalism being extinguished by trendy gaps and vapor waves and bars as the other gentleman said :+1:

Linux did as well about 3-4 years ago it was crushingly good. Then Deviantart made changes to the site and many of the talented users left. The windows customisers just seem to be copying what the Linux users are doing.

No, I knew what you meant and was totally agreeing with you :slight_smile: . I don’t know how many times the same Nord coloured desktop is posted and people there go absolutely bonkers over it. Add an Anime wallpaper and it is like the second coming of Christ.

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Yeah I had noticed DA having changed a bit (haven’t used it since I ditched Windows years ago, especially after Win 7 lost official support). I don’t have much use for it anymore, maybe just to get wallpapers for BL, but with Windows, you could download RAR’s that had all the files for customization. I don’t feel the need for that using Linux, so thus again, me not using DA much at all.

Yeah there was a guy on DA that ripped off Linux - especially anything Numix - that had a spammy site to get the RAR files. DA should had shitcanned that asshole because he spammed it full of stolen ideas. Most of what they borrowed off of Linux was getting the file manager to look like the one in GNOME lulz. Material and “flat” design were other concepts they borrowed. I think that mostly came down to a crashing end when Win 10 was released, and Win 7 shitcanned. Now with the popularity of Linux on the rise, I guess that asshole who ripped off Linux has to find a real job.