Installing the “20191028” release from scratch

After trying it several times, i ended realizing that if one installs Syslinux instead of Grub the installation fails at a final stage.
The error message is generic telling there is no error code and that the installation cannot continue. Same process installing Grub worked fine.
I’m installing to an external USB harddisk from a USB stick cloned with the .iso file.
The installation from the same USB stick against another USB stick (both USB3) is painfully slow, but to the USB hard drive plugged in the same USB port is fast.
Which is the recommended (optimum) configuration (desktop + WM)?.
kind regards and congrats for the nice work!.

I have no problems with syslinux. All went fine as always. I installed via usb stick too + syslinux+dwm. No problems with the install.

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Thanks!. Maybe is the combination of other factors, I’ll keep trying. I do prefer Syslinux over Grub. I’ll try a minimal install without apps and will see what happens. Also I noticed that even I selected Openbox, at the end in the working system there are a lot of xfce4 apps and references (even the “about box” tells it is xfce4).
I’m pretty sure I selected Openbox.
Another surprising thing is that, if I run the install from the USB stick onto another USB stick, the installation becomes painfully sloooow, taking hours. If I use an USB hard drive is very fast.
My laptop is a quite old Sony Vaio with 8 gig memory and i7 processor, usually fast. I’ve tried several sticks but always is the same. I expected a slower install onto the sticks, but not taking hours.

BTW, did you take the “autopartition” option or you did your own?

@jesito I take my own. efi boot, / and /home. Sorry for the few words, but i have to go to work now.

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Thanks a lot, have a nice day!

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I’ve given up with openbox, installing XFCE has solved all my troubles…
Thanks for your clues @subjunkie, now I have a fully working system, even the backlight control, Syslinux, everything after booting from an external USB-IDE drive. Pending to test it on a USB stick to complete my portable environment.
It’s amazing the blazing speed of Archlabs! I’ve tried a lot of distros and Archlabs wins!.
Thanks to the developpers, it is a very nice tool.

Top work @subjunkie . Glad that it s working now @jesito