Installing in laptop using wifi and not wired

Hello, first post here, I’ve been trying to install AL from a USB and after starting the installer, selecting keyboard language and layout, the Internet window comes up to connect through Wired or WIFI. I connect using WIFI but I cant move to the next part of the installation because it requires a wired connection and if i select to Quit this window it says it can’t continue the installation because it needs internet even though it’s still connected to the WIFI. Is there any workaround or I must use a wired connection?

Thank you

Also keep in mind that Arch (in general) strongly suggests installing via ether. If however you have a known supported wifi (as there isn’t a wide range of them) then installing isn’t much of an issue.

I agree with LionessAlana - images would be helpful. You may just be overlooking something very minor. More often than not, it just comes down to navigating through the menus :slight_smile:

Either you aren’t connected or your computer can’t reach

Either you aren’t connected or your computer can’t reach https>

As @natemaia said something is blocking your network. Like @anon52460207, I was also able to install AL using a WiFi connection with a desktop. The installer would check to see what you’re using automatically, at least it did for me. Have you tried to use Ethernet to see if you still have that issue? And as @anon52460207 suggests, if you can somehow get a picture of what is showing on screen will help us to help you figure out the issue.

After putting the wifi, I think you are activating the ethernet. You have to go back and the installation continues.

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