Installing bspwm

I’ve installed archlabs openbox and I3; all working well and very pleased. If I wanted at a later date to install bspwm (did not choose on initial install) as well is it easiest to follow instructions at


Yes! -> Install other interface

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And both bspwm and sxhkd are both in /etc/skel, so you should have the configurations in ~/.config/

The ArchLabs default is to use polybar as the panel; should already be set up in the polybar configs.

You’ll may have to create a /usr/share/xsessions/bspwm.desktop file

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I’ve already used Bspwm/Manjaro, I like it, it’s really cool, spaceFM is well integrated.

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Thank you all for the information. I look forward to trying that this weekend.

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@daj63, you can just run al-hello again from your terminal :smiley: and install BWPWM, that way.


Easier impossible!

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Just to say that bspwm install using al-hello went well. Thank you.


I am wondering is al-hello package still available? because I did not find it in the repos

No, it is long since retired.