Installing applications

When I install applications on ArchLabs, after installing the application, can it start executing or nothing happens unless the user launches the installed application?

Which applications are you installing?

Usually you will have to start them yourself, or configure it to start when the window manager starts. If it’s a service you should be able to start it before rebooting, and enable it to start when you boot.

Check the Arch Wiki, there may be a section for your application.

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Any kind of applications whether it’d be a browser, text editor etc.

see if I type sudo Pacman -S chrome (I guess this is the command to install applications, not too sure) then can Google Chrome start executing its stuff after it is installed or do I have to manually start it by launching the application? (sorry I am just trying to make sure I understand this correctly).

pacman is lower case “p”

pacman - Arch Wiki

For applications - like a browser - you will need to manually launch it after installing.

Thanks for your help.

It’s best to always run a full system upgrade when installing new packages, this avoids soname bumps:

sudo pacman -Syu chromium