Installer kudos!

I know you guys have taken a lot of flack about your choice of installer, among them DistroTube on YouTube who first got me interested in learning OB. I like DT but here i disagree. I’d just like to say i LOVE ABIF! Every distro should use it!

For one thing i like to multiboot linux distros on my main machine. Every arch-based distro i have installed makes certain other distros, esp. other arch distros, inaccessable from grub when i reboot. I assume at least some of the issue is with the installer. I have had no such problems with AL and ABIF. It takes awhile to install grub, but when finished it sees and boots my other OSs no problem.

Secondly, it allows me to install, or not, select popular programs. I come into the distro without alot of junk I’ll never use, several programs i find necessary, and only a handful of others to install before i am fully up and running.

Finally, though it may not be as “pretty” as some installers, i find it eay to understand and follow. And i am far from a guru. I would suggest those who cannot follow the ABIF installer are probably not ready for the challenges of Openbox, or really Arch in general. When it comes to OB and Arch i think you appeal to the “masses” by using something that ends in booting a distro that just “works” without a lot of fluff the user didn’t want. ABIF does that very well. Kudos!


@billd, thank you for the post.

I don’t understand the negativity surrounding ABIF, it’s a fantastic installer.

Possibly one reason for the resistance to ABIF was the fact we used to ship with Calamares. This wasn’t a personal choice of mine, it was someone who is no longer on the team who used to build the ISO’s decision. If we had never included Calamares no one would have cared.

Anyway, I’m glad you like ABIF because @natemaia and I do too.

I think because some believe if one is trying to sell to the masses they need a pretty graphical installer. I can see that reasoning for Ubuntu, Mint, even Manjaro.

But for most folks who have seen a linux or 2, ABIF is awesome. Shoot my first linux installs at about the turn of the century practically threatened to blow up my monitor if i chose the wrong screen resolution, etc…

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Great and fast!!

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You should see it now, the AL-Installer has undergone some major work. Runs like a dream.

So I spent some time on Manjaro and I came back to Archlabs and your installer is slick. Very nice work!


One thing I think some people forget is that GNU/Linux is about freedom of choice (isn’t that what a free society is all about?). The most recent installer is very fast, smooth and a joy to use!


Well, I for one am so happy to have found Archlabs and it’s installer. I used Crunchbang a long time ago and am really not a super-savvy Linux user, but I found Archlab’s install process to be great. It really seems like an evolution of the vibe and tenets of Crunchbang and I dig it. It feels like home.


I can confirm that feeling!

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You guys have done it again!

I’m not big on change, but the AL installer and 2018.07.28 changes are for the better! Great install with no errors. Awesome job.

One suggestion, if i might… Surely I’m not alone in starting an install, going for a beer, having a conversation, checking my phone, and eventually returning expecting my install to be finished and waiting for me to reboot? I appreciate the option to stop and review changes in the various program installs; but maybe give it a 60 sec limit then if not used, the installer moves on? Just a thought…


It’s a good suggestion and it has crossed my mind before, main issue being most of the steps later after unpacking require being done in the chroot. Front loading the dialogs to prepare all the values is probably what I’ll end up doing, however this can introduce breakages and other unwanted bugs so it likely wont see release for a while.

With that being said I have front loaded one of the worst offenders (mirrorlist) setup dialogs to just before unpacking, this should significantly cut down that awkward section near the end of unpacking where the worst pause was, now only things like timezone, user creation, and locale are near the end and they can be completed quickly. This new update needs a quick test and should be available during the live session with pacman -S archlabs-installer

The feedback is much appreciated

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I just used the installer again after a few months… And it is amazing.

Quick Question, where do I find the Source Code of the installer, I want to make some Improvements to the Password Fields, as the misalignment is the only thing that is bothering me.

  • Ben

Yeah the installer is amazing though it has undergone a huge amount of work and change so it is quite different from what you just used.

Repo is here

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