Installer Crashes for no apparent reason

I’m trying to install from latest available ISO installing openbox and DWM but the installer crashed for no apparent reason . So where do I go from this point onwards?

This is the screenshot of how installer crashed . Can I resume this installation from where it crashed rather than doing a fresh install once again?

Through chroot to that partition I checked and noticed that xorg-font-utils wasn’t found by the installer so it crashed . I did let the installer check for latest version before it began installation so wonder why it is still crashed .

Are you sure you have the most recent iso?

You will need to update the installer first.

Yes 04-11 ISO . So this installation is busted and can not be resumed ? Or may be I will complete it via chroo

Anyways doing a fresh install , this time it is going smoothly

Doesn’t look like it crashed, just ran into an issue. If it crashed you’d be dropped back to the shell.

Now as for the issue, 2.1.46 is a fairly old installer version at this point and not what ships with the latest ISO, so you either installed it yourself or are using an older iso.

The 2020-11-05 iso comes with installer v2.2, you no longer should update before installing, it does that automatically. The packaged installer won’t be seeing more updates as we’re baking the installer into the iso and letting it do it’s own updates.

Start up the iso and just run installer then run through the steps, it handles the rest.

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This shouldn’t be recommended anymore and will likely result in more breakages/install fails, if they update as shown before they’ll actually downgrade the installer, it’s all done internally now and all the user has to do is run it.


On that note I am removing the old ISO’s from sourceforge.