Installation with preconfigured openbox

Dear forum, I am installing Archlabs Linux first time. I want to install with preconfigured openbox as in old Archlabs iso dated 28.7.2018 as it save more time.

Is it possible to install old openbox in latest Archlabs install ?

Where can I get old Archlabs iso ?


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The repos have changed, so if you were to run the install script from an old .iso, it would fail. Any AL .iso you try to install from will first update the install script anyway.


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The openbox install hasn’t changed too much since then and we still offer a preconfigured install for it. If you’re interested in the polybar variants we had around that time then you’ll have to do a bit more work but we still have the old configs in one of our got repos or the history.

I can probably help out finding you the configs but the polybar install and integration will be up to you.

If you want an ISO from that period I can probably link it here but no real guarantees that everything will work, a lot has changed since.

Welcome to the forums @Kikome, openbox hasn’t changed much over the years and when installed most things are there.

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Ok. Thank you for your support. As I am installing first time Archlabs with text mode please guide me how to install openbox like old Archlabs after a fresh installation?

You will get the opportunity to install openbox as your window manager during the installation.