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I am in the process of testing Archlabs for a device installation. For that I ran the installation on a virtualbox multiple times now and always failed to get sway to work properly on first boot. Are there any steps necessary to make it work properly for the first time or is there some issues with installing it on a virtual box?

Here is the initial boot screen when selecting openbox + sway and chosing sway as the default autologin wm:

Why offer Sway in the installation when it doesnt work out of the box in any way?

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I cant edit my post, nor could I incoperate the screenshot it self, so sorry for double positng:

Hey Sam, welcome to the forum. Whilst waiting for the real knowledge to come online I can add my two cents: I’ve installed Sway twice on bare metal and once in Boxes; all 3 times it worked flawlessly. So I can at least assure it will probably work eventually. Given the error message it’s most likely a wlroots, OpenGL and vmware issue, but I guess you’ve googled that together as well. Let’s wait for some more knowledgeable feedback and get you up and running.

You must be running nvidia, right? Sway does not officially support nvidia. Not that it’s impossible, but you must try and read about drivers.

Actually its just a virtualbox where I am trying it out, so I doubt the driver is set to nvidia. I was just assuming when you can choose a specific wm for installation, that it should work once the installation is finished.

But maybe I just start with openbox and work from there moving to sway of some sort.

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In my Archlabs (AL for short) installs on metal, I load up quite a few window managers (and XFCE) during install, and they all work well. AL is good that way to have them integrate on one installation. Just for example, I have i3, bspwm, Awesome, Sway, dk, dwm, fluxbox, and XFCE. Whether I use them or not isn’t an issue with me since they are all quite minimal and almost non existent. They all work well though, if I want to tweak them it’s super easy.

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If it comes to VM, you should be able to choose from some virtual cards. On VirtualBox just one in three allowed me to start sway, if I remember well.

[Edit] and you need to enable 3D acceleration.

[Edit one more time] Sway does not go well with virtual machines, as you need to disable hardware cursors. This results in the mouse pointer disappearing while movement.