Installation Issues! Please help!

Hi there @rkt
I have installed AL thousand times, and I use it on my primary development machine,

I have installed AL with almost all installers released in last 4 years,

I did not find any issue with latest installer
few points:-

  1. Make sure you create and format partitions properly
    • with old HDD some times it only works if all the partitions are formatted properly
  2. A decent internet speed is required

I recently installed AL with Openbox, i3 and dwm successfully without any issue and also posted the videos of all the steps in AL Telegram channel

so you can look into that if needed

Please make sure :

  1. You download and use the latest AL installer
  2. You create and format the HDD partitions properly
  3. You have a decent internet connection

Well I lost my archlabs partition and tried to re-install using 2020.05.04 and 2020.03.02 iso and when it got to the part of using network it would fail. I get a message that starts with “You need internet…” and it would throw me out of the installer. The earlier iso didn’t have that issue. I can not ping for whatever reason with my internet provider and never could. Are the newer iso(s) pinging? If so how do I get around the pinging?

I have installed ArchLabs on various hardware configurations, very few times I encounter such issues, when hardware’s (Ethernet Card’s or Wifi Card’s) driver is not present in installation media I guess … sometimes it happens with PCI slot based external network cards

If your network (Ethernet) cable is directly connected to your Laptop/Desktop’s ethernet port this issue should not arise

Try alternate mediums to connect your machine to internet

I can suggest you a work around if you have any android based phone, the USB cable of the phone … then first you can connect your phone to your house/office’s wifi and then you can connect your machine and phone and tether your phone’s internet to your machine, this works 100% regardless of any driver or software issue