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I’m getting this error when installing and I’m not too sure how to fix it. Any help would be awesome, thanks c:

Hello @Plasma , I think you have a partitions problem: at the start the installer is setting the root partition at /dev/sda1 & /dev/sda2 . Did you mount both as root?
Then is trying to make the partition swap in your USB , of course is busy…
Please start over from the disk partitions and you should be fine.
Please note I am not the expert here, so there might be something else I haven’t spot yet.
Please let me know how it goes.

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Hello @Plasma, apologies for the issue.

I’m not entirely sure, this error has not popped up before. Would you be willing to try re-downloading? This might just be a corrupt download.

I do notice that there are multiple of the same logs, leading me to believe the log file is not being cleared when an error occurs

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@nate so I am talking nonsense again? I thought I nailed it this time :confused:, at least partially…The corner of shame is becaming my new home; I should apply for citizenship…


I worked at it for a bit and now here’s the error. Sorry for not updating the post.

Move over and make room, you’ve got company in that corner @pippo… I thought exactly the same as you :slight_smile:

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Hey, so the error is Linux 14.1.8 or something along those lines but it’s installing .9. Maybe that’s the issue? I just got the iso yesterday but is it already outdated?

Yes just checked, the linux version is 4.16.9-1 but the error for the directory is for another 4.16.8-1 so is there a way to install 4.16.8-1 when I run the installer or just have it look for a new directory name.

Hi all,

Thanks for your hard work on ArchLabs. It has all but stopped me distro hopping.

I am getting the same error “… /lib/modules/4.16.8-1-ARCH is not a valid kenel module directory.”

The 2018-05 iso on the same USB installed on a desktop the other day without a hitch, so it may not be a corrupted download.

Not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.

Ye, I’m pretty tty sure it pulls a new kernel but the installer is for the old one now… so unless they can pull the old Linux version or provide a fix to this soon, think I’m gonna use Antegros Openbox…

I think I’m having a similar problem:

By the way, I think it would be better to make the error message copyable, so I wouldn’t have to take photos…

How should I proceed?

Apologies for the issue, this should be resolved with the latest point release iso

It’s all logged to a file /tmp/errlog so taking a photo really isn’t needed.

There is also a new debug mode I’ve added which gives very verbose output for every line of script run.

Just run the installer as root with -d or --debug

Thanks for fixing the error, I just went ahead and installed arch and then Openbox but at least it’s fixed for those that want to use ArchLabs

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@nate, I had the same error but downloading your latest point release, …2018.0.6.iso release, now wifi is not detected on live install… I tried usb stick from both dd command and gnome-disk utility and same problem.

any help will be appreciated.