Installation failed


I have redoing install AL today ( 3x ). During install I read:
16/23creating temporary files
error: command failed to execute correctly
The install continue. At the end I reboot and execute AL Hello.
At the end, when I reboot, I have a black screen whith at the left of the screen a - white
What’s happened ?
Thank you


I got that problem once. My mistake was I didn’t clean or format my /home partition from my previous OS installation. So Archlabs didn’t get a permission to use /home partition.

And because the /home partition couldn’t be used for storing configuration files, what I got after boot was just like unconfigured Openbox. A black screen with cursor.

I tried to format my /home and /root partition then reinstall Archlabs. And it worked!


@popeye, did you get installed?


Yes !! Format and it’s good.
Thank you Addy.
Happy to find again AL