Install required fonts on archlabs

I’m trying to install fonts on archlabs (espescially adobe-source-code-pro-fonts) for be able to see spacemacs icons/glyphs apear.
I follow the wiki pages for try to also install them manually.
I see finally xlsfonts show them, but at reboot time, no more.
I do install them also inside a xorg config file (/etc/X11/worg.conf/20-fonts.conf).
spacemacs as default font config for use adobe-source-code-pro, but can not use them.

any idea how to resolve this ?

(after that, if i’m able to install system fonts persistente, i will install inconsolata-g for termite… and nerd-fonts for use with tmux and vim for powerlevel9k)

Did you update your font cache?

sudo fc-cache -f -v

@Dobbie03, here is the result of this action: stdout_fc-cache

xlsfonts | grep “^-adobe”

show that fonts are installed, but emacs with spacemacs doesn’t show correct symbol char (the one on right side close to “Spacemacs buffer” inside the state downside bar… it should be a kind of “K” Symbol char, and it is a square with 24c0 inside who show that it is an error for unknown char).
I not understand what i doing wrong, because from archlinux, it just works, and config .spacemacs files both side (archlinux and archlabs) are the same.

First install nerdfonts, you need this for patched fonts with icons, there are other ways but this is the most simple and straight forward. (this also includes a patched version of Source Code Pro called SauceCodePro)

yaourt -S nerd-fonts-complete

Now your system has access to icon patched fonts (Even when using non-patched fonts)
so you can set your font in spacemacs via ~/.spacemacs.
Make sure you set the powerline-scale accordingly, some fonts need more, some less

For example in your case I would do this

dotspacemacs-default-font '("SauceCodePro Nerd Font Mono"
                            :size 12.0
                            :weight normal
                            :width normal
                            :powerline-scale 1.3)

; Comments:                try changing this ^^^ or the size above
; In spacemacs for font size using a 12.0 will result in using pt size
; where as using 12px will be much smaller, as a rule of thumb 11.0 is about 16px

You can find my old ~/.spacemacs here (don’t use it anymore)

Hope this helps