Install printer


I desire install my Brother DCP-L2510-D.
The AUR package no longer seems valid. I downloaded rpmextract ( on Arch ) and installer and brscan drivers in .rpm ( on Brother site )
How to install this system?
Thank you

What’s wrong with the pkg? It installs. I don’t have the hardware to test if it works.

$ pacman -Qs brother-dcp-l2510d
local/brother-dcp-l2510d 4.0.0-1 (base-devel)
    LPR and CUPS driver for the Brother DCP-L2510D printer

Thanks for the answer but I don’t understand everything. The blocking that I see is done on the graphical interface of pamac-aur.
What does “local” mean in your command?
Not being a star of the command line, could you detail me the procedure.
Thank you.

“local” means local repository, in other words, it’s installed in the system.

$yay -S brother-dcp-l2510d

gets it done. If you don’t want to install a helper, download it from AUR and then,

$makepkg -si


baph is already installed, so if yay isn’t installed maybe just.

baph -i brother-dcp-l2510d

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$yay -S brother-dcp-l2510d is ok.
CUPS is installed.
In the menu, when I click on “print manager” the connection is not made…
Bad start to the weekend! ;

make sure cupsd is running & listens on port 631


make sure after cups is installed to enable and start the cups.service
You can see the detailed instructions on archwiki

tl;dr in a terminal type sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service