Install no possible


When I want to run AL to install by usb key, the boot screen is displayed; I start the installation and I see:
dev / disk / by-label / U-x86_64
device did not show up after 30 seconds

Did you do the checksum, how did you prepare the flash drive?

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yes i have do checksum. I prepare by Source forge.

I would try with dd from terminal, Etcher, or Mintstick.
Just to make sure it’s not a bug

Can you boot to the live session?

Is the computer UEFI enabled?

@ector is asking how you burned the ISO to USB. What method? Unetbootin? Etcher? Mintstick? DD? or another method?

By Universal usb

try one of these and see if it works:
dd from terminal, Etcher, or Mintstick

OK, it’s good with Etcher !!
Thank you all

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I think this discussion should be moved to basic Help Support.
What do you think about it?

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In addition to moving, we could create small tips to help in the assembly of pendrive with boot uefi, I used the MultiBootUSB to put 5 systems, 4 Linux and 1 Windows, now in Windows the best solution for 1 system is Rufus, I installed my ArchLabs with him

Agreed. Moving to Basic Help.