Install many wm using Archlabs customization

I’m using Archlabs with Openbox.
I wonder if is possible to install some different wm to try (i3, dwm… with the Archlabs customization like in Openbox and Fluxbox) using Pacman -S …
Maybe is needed to uncomment the Archlabs repo in the Pacman sources? Do you have try it?
or maybe is better to make a new install with all the wm I like to try?
I’m scared to break something…

I also see an interesting article from @manyroads in the “Tips and Tricks” section but he write about an installation from scratch

Hi Paolo,

just install with pacman and then modify your .xinit file to start your new wm (exec dwm command for example) and comment others wm starting.

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Install the various -skel ArchLabs packages to get the customisation, it will be placed under /etc/skel/ and can be copied from there to your home directory.

I have a script that will automatically copy the contents of /etc/skel/ to the home directory but it will over-write the current contents and copy the originals to backup files:

^ Copy that to /usr/local/bin/sharp-setup, make it executable (chmod +x) then use

sharp-skel=/etc/skel/ sharp-user-setup --refresh
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many thanks @Naltap @Head_on_a_Stick I try later.
now I “play” with tlp, but this is maybe a matter for another tread :innocent: