Install fonts in archlabs [solved]

Hi everyone, how do I install these fonts on my system?

installing fonts Arch Linux

Skip down to the manual installation paragraph.


Thank you, it worked!

I already had difficulties with sources but it was related to documents generated in MS Office and those when they are opened in Linux lose some of the formatting or everything, the packages offered in the repositories are not complete, always lacking a source so I decided to extract the sources (terminal) of the Windows image (install.wim).

I’ll leave it here if anyone needs it, there are 122 fonts, G-Drive:
When I’m going to install external fonts on the system I just open the file manager as root and copy everything.

@beagle, best bet for anything that doesn’t to relate to something ArchLabs has added to the Arch base is in the first instance, for you to access the Arch Wiki. If that doesn’t answer your question then ask here.

Moving this to basic help as this isn’t a technical issue.