Initial boot gui not loading

I get this error

          [          0.000000] ACPI: SPCR: Unexpected SPCR Access Width. Daefaulting to byte size
                  Starting version 238

Then it gets to this screen and never changes or loads into openbox

         Arch Linux 4.16.8-1-ARCH (tty1)
         archlabs login: <username> (automatic login)

hit space bar twice and it posted my post.

I was installing it on a old server HP DL380 G4, could it be a graphical issue? I remember when i used older version of arch you had to place a certain size for the loading “vga=277” would this be the same didn’t have to do that with this install.

Do you have a graphics card on board? Also, what network card are you using? Did you do a pksyua to see if it would update and find a proper driver that you may be missing?

My system has I guess basic graphics it’s a 1u server blade . It is also dual booting windows 2003 r2 i might just for get it cause it isn’t your basic install.

As you said, it’s a server setup. May have to do some research on what you can do with your system.

I think i got why my install stopped at that point. I noticed when i went to install on my Alienware laptop a M11x-R3, when your suppose to pick the type of format you run with either an SSD and you have to pick notime and discord.

I highlight the recommend one but didn’t hit the space bar, then i pressed enter which i think didn’t select the right one.

I guess i could try again later but i went with the latest Ubuntu Server to run on the HP server.

Were you able to solve the problem?

Yep, you’re correct @xenokite. When you hit enter without making a choice, the install will not have the format. When you try again, make your choice with the space bar and make sure your choice is showing an asterisk. Then hit enter.