In Love With Qutebrowser Again

I have been spending the weekend and last few days tweaking my Qutebrowser install. I am really happy with it and I am currently using it full time. In conjuction with the lpass script and watching YouTube in MPV it is just so good to use.


Oh, good news @Dobbie03

python-adblock, along with ~/.local/share/qutebrowser/greasemonkey/youtube-autoskip.user.js, work fine for me. mpv is not needed.

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Auto Skip YouTube Ads
// @version      1.0.2
// @description  Speed up and skip YouTube ads automatically
// @author       codiac-killer
// @match        *://**
// @exclude      *://**
// ==/UserScript==

let main = new MutationObserver(() => {
	// Get skip button and click it
	let btn = document.getElementsByClassName("ytp-ad-skip-button ytp-button").item(0)
	if (btn) {

	// (unskipable ads) If skip button didn't exist / was not clicked speed up video
	const ad = [...document.querySelectorAll('.ad-showing')][0];
	if (ad) {
		// Speed up and mute
		document.querySelector('video').playbackRate = 16;
		document.querySelector('video').muted = true;

main.observe(document.getElementsByClassName("video-ads ytp-ad-module").item(0), {attributes: true, characterData: true, childList: true})

Alright! looks like I need to revisit this again!!!
Thanks @Dobbie and @chroot

Once you get used to it, you will never look back to other browsers. :grinning:

Hope the project will not move to Blink engine in the future. Otherwise, I would have to find a replacement.

I use the same Greasemonkey script for youtube but I really like the picture-in-picture of Firefox so that’s why I use mpv.

How do you enable that script? Just drop it in the directory and launch QB?

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The mpv or greasemonkey?

Mpv needs a key bind, I use in

config.bind(",m", "hint links spawn mpv '{hint-url}'")
config.bind(",M", "spawn mpv {url}")

Greasemonky you will need to place in ~/.config/qutebrowser/greasemonkey then execute in QB


I have been tweaking with Qutebrowser and tweaking and tweaking. Then I thought, I like the look of this so I tweaked Firefox to look and work the same as Qute (still using Qute as default though).

Behold…My Web Browsers:



OK, you can make FF look how you want, but what do you mean by making it work the same at QB?

Well as close as I can to Qute by adding VimiumFF. I am working through the different Vim type addon’s to see which one I like the most.

I tried this about a year ago but I remember that is was way slower than QB so I didn’t even bother to try see what’s wrong with my setup…

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Firefox is quicker to load than Qutebrowser for me but I am getting really used to the Qute workflow. Everytime I am on FF I am reaching for Qute keybinds.

QB is slower to load because it’s written in python, but it renders pages way faster than FF. FF’s gecko engine is slow.

Excellent. I am really loving Qute.

It has it’s quirks but it is generally super solid.

Well I am coming up to three weeks 99% exclusive use of Qutebrowser. There has been constant fiddling with the configs learning what is what beyond the simple day to day use. I use Firefox to watch YouTube and browse Twitter, which are both rare occurrences.

Every time I use Firefox I just want to be back using Qute.


So I just ran a speedtest on Qute vs. FF using speedometer.

Qute - 128
FF - 55

That is pretty impressive for Qute. So much quicker.

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