Imposible instalar ArchLabs

The installation has problems with keys, already talked about in forum…

The installation goes with many errors, press enter and continue, then on reboot grub boots and the login is fine, entering the desktop the screen in light brown and the data light of the computer flickers permanently …


@judd, thanks for the heads up. I’m going to try an install myself to see how it goes this end.

as soon as I find the charger for my spare laptop.

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Installer crashed with the keyring error.

It’s in a vm or on bare metal. Can you get some error logs or have a debug run. @natemaia might need them for the investigation.

@judd Do you have a ~/packages script file after install?

I’ve been getting a few emails about this as well, fuckin keyrings man. I’m tempted to disable the AL repo SigLevel for installs but it seems a bit hacky. I’ll do a bit of digging today and hopefully get things fixed.


I downloaded & did a quick check (pacman -Sy && pacman -S) inside the image. Didn’t see any keyring issues.

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Good news @chroot . I wonder if it has to do with the repo at a given time. As it happened lately on other install attempts.

Could be the keyserver related.

Ah, makes sense.

Yea it was the key/keyserver. My key recently expired (oct 11) but I had updated the expiry in late aug. The iso still had the old expiry and the installer was supposed to update the key but I never checked for expiry only that the key was there :man_facepalming:

The new installer version (2.24) will also check for my key being expired (or not there) and manually importing it if so.

Apologies for the issues


It works perfectly now, thank you very much. :white_check_mark:



Thx for the hard work @natemaia


thanks @natemaia

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