I'm thinking to switch to 2bwm from i3

I’m thinking todo as title… i want to know if anyone tried it before and what is you experience with it…is it good,bad or ok ?

I think @PackRat has spent some time with 2bwm.

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Yes, I have.

It’s a good window manager if you want something minimal. Handles it’s own keybindings and has some tiling functionality. Keyboard centric so if you like your mouse there will a learning curve and some mouse withdrawals. If you’ve been using i3, shouldn’t be an issue.

Another option would be yaxwm; it incorporates some features from 2bwm - like the dual border aesthetic - and has good support for floating windows and panels if you use one. Best of all it’s home grown.


Really depends if you want a stacking or tiling WM. If you like tiling then it depends on what kind of tiling behaviour you prefer. I do think 2bwm is in a strange position, it’s stacking but still relies almost entirely on keybinds to do anything, much like a tiler.

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