I'm not sure how I feel about this

MS Edge on Linux.

If you re like me, nothing good will come out of this in the future for Linux.


We shall see, I don’t trust Microsoft so I don’t expect anything good to happen but we never know.

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Lol, only the devil s in the know right !

The only good and unexpected thing from MS I could name: free private repositories on GitHub. Not yet a reason to use their software on Linux.

Well it works on Debian buster:

And it’s pretty fast but then it’s just Chrome with a different skin so it should be.

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The only reason for me to give it a try would be native Wayland support.

And Edge does appear to be using hardware acceleration for WebGL (but not video decoding), which is nice.

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What I really need is a Wayland-ready browser that uses my Google account. google-chrome-dev does so, but it still has some irritating bugs.

Hell will freeze over, twice, before i’d install it.


You and me both. :smile:





IMO the world does not hold enough facepalm & eyeroll emojis to fully convey my sense of cynical contempt for MS encroaching into Nixtopia. As for the concept of Nixers welcoming them with open-arms, gobsmacked is not strong enough to describe my amazement.


Installing, now.

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There seems to be a fair bit of love for Edge and the MS intrusion.

Hence my elevated sense of engogglement.

I really truly do not understand humans, & sincerely hope my spaceship soon rescues me to go back home.


Couldn’t even put it into better words myself. Room for one more on that spaceship?

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MS will be the death of Linux.


Edge is easy to get along with. Testing takes up to 3 minutes.

“Your system is unsupported. We currently support Win10 & Mac OS”.

I still wonder why someone decided to use OMG! on a Linux blog.