I'm getting some errors during boot, should I be woried?

I ran journalctl -b and greped out the lines with fail in them here is the log. I don’t really know what’s wrong, so lease let me know.

The UUID for your swap partition doesn’t match the line in /etc/fstab, either correct the line (use the blkid command to find the UUID) or remove the line if you have a disk with a GUID partition table (GPT) and let systemd mount it automatically.

Thanks, I think that I got it now. But I do have one more question, how can this happen? I’m pretty sure that I didn’t touch anything in /etc/ at all at least not recently.

Did you install another distribution? The swap will usually be reformatted by the installer and that will change the UUID.

No I did not. This is real weird, but I plan on doing a clean install anyway so might as well do it now