If there were no Arch & Archies

Uh-oh, she’s only just arrived & already is posting Mods-baiting eyes-rolling fluff…

If there were no Arch & Archies… i mean not that if they folded [coz then forking would occur], but simply if there never had been an Arch, thus also never any Archies… what would be your distro?

Fwiw, my answer for this is different now for the last few months compared to historically. A friend informed me some months back about SparkyLinux, of which in my ignorance i’d never even heard. I’d not used Debian before, having been put right off the concept by my dissatisfaction with every Ubuntu-based distro i’d ever tried. Somehow i had let myself suppose that Debian would be every bit as heavy, slow & ancient [packages] as Ubuntu.

Thus SL has proven a revelation to me, & made me realise that i should not have been ill-judging the parent [untried] on the basis of her problem children. My SL installations boot more or less as fast as Arch, update more or less as fast as Arch, & [care of being based on Debian Testing not Stable] have packages as current as Arch [this gobsmacked me, i really had thought for years that Debian = dinosauric packages]. In fact, several times over recent weeks my SL received new versions of some things that took several days & sometimes quite longer in Arch.

I love my Arch, but, if i fell into a parallel universe that never had Arch & Archies, i suspect i’d be downloading the SL ISO.

And you?


I truly hope this sort of fluff post/thread is not verboten here, & i do apologise if i have broken rules by ignorantly posting it in error; i meant no malice.

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To me it would definitely be Void. Void’s package manager is second to none, the only thing I really miss if it comes to comparing it with Arch is the AUR, but that’s not really a big problem. The thing that kept me from using it as my daily driver was the way Runit handles pulseaudio and it was driving me insane, so I went back to Arch which I’ve been using for the last couple years. I still have Void installed on my old laptop though, sometimes I like to use it for a day or so.
I can’t say much about Debian/ Ubuntu based distros because I was never a big fan of them.
I would like to try Alpine as I see some people around saying lots of good stuff about it. It’s in my to-do list for the near future.

Also you don’t have to worry about these topics, we talk about a lot of distros around here and many people don’t even use Arch.


Personally I am not a fan of *buntu (but they somehow seem to fill a useful niche).

My bias~ I like non-systemd Debian esp. MX & antiX. They are kept quite current. My issues with them are that antiX has too much “antiX magic” (bloat) and the MX community is tiler adverse. (I have seen the light and move from 20 years on xfce~ so say I) :grin:

My issue with arch is systemd (what a ghastly beast, again a shameless opinion); I, also, find their forums useful only for information research, rarely participation.

Endeavour has become a manjaro refugee camp… too much whinging for me. The disto is building a bunch of tools that remind me of the antiX magic (see above).

Artix & obarun (arch minus systemd) seem to be among my nemeses. So I live with systemd (these days) on arch. :sweat_smile:

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Probably Void, if it comes to me. On the other hand, there’s still plenty of distros I’ve never ever seen.

Debian tends to be lighter than Arch because Arch packages tend to be compiled with --enable-kitchen-sink.

Alpine Linux (which is what I use now, Arch is too complicated for my liking).


Debian anytime


Stable, Testing, or Sid?

Sparky is still Debian Testing, as I recall; those devs do a good job keeping it from breaking.

You can get a pretty lean system using the Debian netisnstall.

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My BL install s on Testing repo here. Love it.

LOL, I have used Arch for quite a long time, and I’m still too stupid to use Alpine :rofl:


I would go with raw Debian or migrate completely to the dark side of BSDs with OpenBSD :blowfish:

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Debian Sid

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All good answers!!! I came from the *BSD world a bunch of years ago.

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You’ve made me curious @Chris, could you share what made you switch from BSDs to Linux?

Void :monkey_face:

Slackware Current, maybe *BSD. Give a shout-out to DragonFly BSD; tried it a while back and it was really nice.

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Simply from the sheer frequency of its mentions here, it seems my next investigative VM needs to be Void.

You recall correctly.

I’d probably be on Void. Void reminds me a lot of how Arch was when I first started using Linux.

AL 4 ever : simple, efficient and stable. I like it.

Windows XP, I often miss clippy. I think, in another world we might have dated.

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3rd Cassell milk stout. Excuse the sarcasm.

its all good as far as I can see.