Identify devices which are connected to my network via LAN and which via Wifi?

I have been using arp-scan to try to find this out, but now think I have realised (LOL) that the way I use it only specifies the LAN and Wifi entries to my lappy, whereas I want something different - how the various devices are connected to the network at their end - via LAN cable or Wifi (I know I could look to see which have cables sticking out of them … :smiley: )

i.e. Both of the below give the same results

sudo arp-scan --interface=wlp3s0 --localnet --ignoredups

sudo arp-scan --interface=enp2s0f1 --localnet --ignoredups

I can see which are LAN and Wifi connected via my router interface on

But how can I see this in a terminal, please?

Doesn’t your router interface list them?

@eight_bit_al yes, it does but I would like to do it via cli

No straight forward answer to your question.

arp-scan prints out the owner of each mac addr. You pretty much know it’s a wired or wireless connection based on that info.

If you need some extra info, you have to dig into your router settings a bit more. Some routers support more features than others, for example, vlans or use different ip pools for different connection types in DHCP server, etc.

Cheers @chroot
how can you tell from a mac if it is wired or wireless?

One thing that bugs me is because my router is so bad (MEO pt in house developed one , substituting for another is complicated and costs money) I want to change my lappy ip’s (one for wifi, one for ethernet cable LAN) from dynamic to static, to see if my connection stops dropping.

But when I look at my Router interface, there are two connected ‘archlabs’ in Wifi (one with a lease time of 0, and with differnet ip’s) with different MAC’s, plus there is another ‘archlabs’ with a third MAC in LAN

I dont understand how that can happen - I tohught the MAC was ‘burnt’ into the hardware so I should just have one for my Wifi adapter and one for my LAN adapter?

I also then dont know what MAC to use for my static ip setting (although I tried one and it didnt seem to change anything.