ICY DOCK feedback

Actually, 4 lights :rofl:
I have one SSD free for testing ArchLabs bspwm :wink:

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@mrneilypops, Other experiments in the pipes there !

I am looking forward to testing the bspwm version…
This is just test machine #1, I am fortunate to have test machine #2 and will be installing a 4 bay ICY DOCK in that machine…soon…actuallY that is the machine I was developing dwmX distro (on hold at the moment).

Installing the second ICY DOCK might inspire me to restart dwmX project later in the year :wink:

@mrneilypops , cool , @ 2yo , hopefully the updates wont break the install somehow.

If I resurrect dwmX it will be a brand new version based on Debian Buster

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@mrneilypops. that s cool ! Sometimes a little update screws an install if not careful. It s why I use apt-listbugs on my Debian-inspired installs all the time, something I learned on sid the hard way ! lol

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