ICY DOCK feedback

I decided to tidy up at least one of my test machines.
ICY DOCK is due to arrive tomorrow, this model;

I look forward to tidying up the ‘daisy chain’ SSD mess in at least one machine. (lack of discipline on my part :face_with_monocle:)
I look forward to the ‘hot swap’ type feature of quickly exchanging SSDs.

Is anybody in the community using similar?
The unit comes with a fan that I guess is for HDD drives.
Any reason to have the fan running for SSD only?

All feedback most welcome.


@mrneilypops , looks very interesting, wonder if one can hook this up to a lappy.

The ‘ICY DOCK’ model is designed for a standard machine with 5.25 inch drive bay.
I believe the ‘ICY CUBE’ might suit your requirements;

also on my shopping list :wink:

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@mrneilypops , bookmarked for later on ! Thx mate.

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I will try and update on my experience of ICY DOCK in this thread…

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@mrneilypops , will check it out.

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I hate to admit it but wasn’t even aware of it… Very, very cool.

My two cents, I would despite the low heat signature of an SSD until your sure about it’s reliability but I’m pretty conservative with this sorta thing.

Great feedback…looking forward to tomorrow…keep you posted.
My understanding of SSD power consumption is that it is quite low and I have never made any allowance for SSD cooling in my silent rigs.
OK for the CPU I have a cooler about the size of a house brick…all OK for the last 5 years on 2 machines total silence :shushing_face:

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ICY DOCK delivery delayed…good old Amazon :angry:


@mrneilypops , not a surprise. Not enough demand/orders maybe !

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Sorry to hear that man. I have ran into that situation with them before. But as @altman said, it could be a matter of supply. Sometimes, it could be other concerns, like a major weather event for example.

I have morphed into ‘Grumpy Old Man’ mode.
I was told delivery was delayed (thinking tomorrow onwards)
So, I go out to do some shopping and on return to ‘mrneilypops towers’ find there was an attempted delivery. :angry:

EDIT: Collection from local post office tomorrow…getting there…

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Oh no! Now that sucks! We’ll allow you to be an grumpy old fart today only. But tomorrow…:grin:

@mrneilypops . Wholy cow ! Why they didn t leave the package at your door !

Tomorrow is looking brighter already :grin:

local postal service are not keen on the option of leaving packages on doorsteps. I know you can request this option on Amazon but it will not follow through here with the local postal delivery service.

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@altman has a point, why didn’t they leave it at the door, unless of course you told them not to…

@mrneilypops, Ah each places have their own ways of doing things I guess.

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Issues with packages being stolen I’m guessing. Here this little town in Oregon, we don’t have that issue. We have packages left at our door step all the time. I guess we’re fortunate here. Also, it may depend on what is being shipped and its value. :thinking:

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ICY DOCK installed!

Top left Sandisk 480GB ArchLabs
Bottom left Sandisk 250GB Arch linux
Top right Sandisk 250GB Void linux
Bottom right Kingston HyperX 120GB unallocated

NEAT! :sunglasses: + more flashing lights :heart_eyes:

Running the cage fanless at this time


@mrneilypops , Nicee!

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