IBM Acquires Red Hat [$34 Billion]

ZDNet: Red Hat leaders praise IBM acquisition, but employees are worried

RedHat: Completely changing the cloud landscape and becoming world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider

IBM - Red Hat: IBM News Room

I am not a visionary but now the discussion about “Systemd” will really begin … from today we can already think (without saying) that the boot system is rather a proprietary opensource product. (literally)

[off-topic] the home page of red hat is quite loaded, ublock origin works a lot … hahaha (looks like torrent page with lots of hidden pollution)

So it appears that the new Red is indeed Blue
So lets see…

IBM DOS - DOA (Last release: April 1998)
IBM OS/2 - DOA (Last release: December 2001)
IBM OS/400 - Status: Unknown (Last release: April 15, 2016)
IBM AIX - Status: Unknown (Last release: October 5, 2015)
IBM RedHat - Future: Unknown

So - what does the above mean? Only time will tell :wink:


Exactly! @Chris

That is a lot of $$

With 0000000000000.1% I was satisfied, retire! haha

And it’s begun…

MS :joy:

RedHatDOS x RedAIX :joy::joy:

Sad, after GitHub now RedHat, well Linux will be mostly privatized one day.

Loads of money, check for IBM price hikes in a near future.

IBM built itś fortune on a computing-system made for The Third Reich. A transporting system made for transporting people to the death-camps.


In part yep . As well as loads of other well known companies.

Was a little shocked to read RedHat inc. reported US revenue for 2017 was 2.9 billion (with a B).


Not getting worked up about this stuff. Really don’t care about redhat, fedora or IBM and don’t think the transaction will have any effect on the rest of the Linux world anyhoots. It was proprietary and still is.