I3wm consumes ram twice as much as openbox

i3wm consumes ram twice as much as openbox. this is normal?

depends, might not be i3wm consuming a lot of ram.

what is your output of below command? Last instances of the output should give you what consumes the most memory.

ps -e -o pid,vsz,comm= | sort -n -k 2

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Good call, & great script in there @s7l

Got some surprises with results.

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in my opinion the best command to see what consumes the most ram is:

but maybe Iā€™m wrong.
@s7l what do you supply that command?

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Hi @ector

Yes top is good.

While in top if you press [shift < ] 4 times you get output sort left, instead of sorting by CPU it sorts by VIRT which is virtual memory size. That command does similar job.


The htop and bumblebee-status data regarding memory consumption is different, bumblebee - ~500, htop - 270.