I3wm: an excellent and aesthetically pleasing window manager

I just posted this 1200+ word tutorial on setting up i3wm. Enjoy?!?!?


Good stuff.

Top again @manyroads

Remember i3 doesn’t need sxhkd. I am not sure, haven’t used i3 for some time now.

It doesn’t.

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No the reason I use sxhkd is because I run dwm & i3wm (earlier hlwm, bspwm,xfce) all on the same laptop at once. sxhkd allows me to use the same keybindings across all three (at the same time)


I see. Makes sense.

Nice write up, I’ll give it a shot soon…BTW, 403 error for your Termite config.


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I love using i3, but i have gaps and status and have been stuck with it forever. No problem here.
After using i3wm, I can’t go with any other ones. I tried Awesome and it just didn’t do so well for me.

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Thank you for the report… I recreated a new .htaccess file. Seems the problem was with a new update of WP. The download works for me. Please clear your cache to make certain you get a clean/fresh page.

Termite config link works on my end if it can be of any help there @manyroads

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