I3wm 4.17 release

Latest version has been released. Nothing in the repos yet though



They must have felt the breath of competitors on their backs :smiley:

Quite possibly though nothing really compares to i3 :smiley:

It’s not easy to notice a difference between i3 and sway on my machines.

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Just showed up in Void repos; should see it soon for Arch if it’s not already there.

Edit - it’s available.

The very first thing I’ll be playing with as I’m back home. Thankfully I have no Linux here. :slight_smile:

I already installed it. The update arrived a few minutes ago


Yeah same but the Gaps version.

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Yes, also with i3-gaps. But in my terminal it comes out as i3.

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I’ll gladly replace my i3-gaps with i3. Possibly they fixed some irritating bugs in i3ipc?