I3lock-fancy issue after upgrade

Guys should I download the new iso and install that over the 2018.03 iso? Or is it enough just to pull all the new AL updates from the AL repos with pacli? After I updated my system with pacli it seems that I can’t lock my screen with i3lock anymore. Nothing happens when I use MOD + X and click Lock.

I can lock the screen from terminal with i3lock but its just a white lock screen now :frowning:

I get this error when running i3lock-fancy from the terminal:

convert: non-conforming drawing primitive definitionpath’ @ error/draw.c/DrawImage/4162.``

Made this a separate thread so it doesn’t get lost.

same issue here…
I’ve “fixed” it by installing i3lock-wrapper

Dosen’t seems to fix the issue for me. I still got the error after installing that package from the aur and rebooting.

I did have to change my keybind in my i3 config
(it used to be bindsym $mod+l exec --no-startup-id i3lock-fancy , now it’s bindsym $mod+l exec --no-startup-id i3lock-wrapper -b -l -d )

It won’t. i3lock-wrapper is a separate package, you will need to change your lock screen keybinds and shortcuts to be i3lock-wrapper.

Super + X returned to normal after this up