I3blocks with dual screens


I have recently switched from Polybar to i3blocks and I am hoping someone knows how to extend the i3block panel across two screens rather than it mirror itself across the two.

Any help would be appreciated


Extend or duplicate?


Extend. At the moment I have the same modules on each bar but the workspaces are separated evenly between the two (workspace 1-4 is on the left bar and 5-8 is on the right bar).

I only want modules on one bar.


I dont know about extending but as you know, it does duplicate pretty much on it’s own. I have not tried setting that up for blocks and thats something I should do. Was pretty easy for polybar and I hope there is something like that for blocks.

Will need to keep an eye on this thread myself.
This seems to touch on that.


I saw that thread earlier, creating the other bar doesn’t quite work. I’ll probably have to put up with it for now. I’m actually contemplating running no panels/bars at all.


And just have conky?


Pretty much, I don’t even really use that much either.


Read the i3 wiki, it clearly explains anything you can do in i3 and likely has an example.

Configuring your workspace bar starts with opening a bar block. You can have multiple bar blocks to use different settings for different outputs (monitors):

Example :

bar {
   status_command i3status

In other words, use output and tell i3blocks to use a different config for the given output.

source: https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#_configuring_i3bar

NOTE: the bar is not i3blocks, it’s i3bar. i3blocks is the script that can be used to create i3bars.


So yeah! I did get this to work and pretty fang happy too.
I have included a screen shot and you will see what my i3 config looks like.

I simply duplicated the i3bocks config file and removed what I didn’t want on the HDMI.
The only item that is duplicated on both bars is the date/time module.


The only real drawback; if I unplug the hdmi and use only the lappy monitor - I do lose the modules that were set for HDMI. For me, I can live with the original way I did this simply because in the next few months I’ll be building a nice desktop and that will have the dual monitors. Then it wont matter. But at least it is doable (I guess, lol).


That’s what confused me.

@chris60601, got mine working. Just need to sort the keybinds for hiding the bar and I am 100%.


Yeah - Same here. Happy you have it working as you wanted. Im glad you brought it up too.
It pushed me to work through it for the near future, lol!


I am too, it’s a nice change from Polybar.