[i3, sway] Scratchpad indicator in the system tray

Do you use the scratchpad feature at all? Usually I keep MellowPlayer in it, but it’s also a good place for terminal or other stuff one uses frequently.

I wrote this script out of boredom, but it turns out to be lightweight enough to possibly stay on my desktop for longer, who knows? Note: it only makes sense if you use GTK3 on your machine - due to dependencies.

The indicator will behave differently on i3, and on sway, where the tray is still half-baked. E.g. on sway there’s no way to make the icon disappear when scratchpad empty. Also the indicator menu appears unexpectedly in the center of the screen, and looks ugly. This is not the case on i3.

i3, a single window in the scratchpad:


i3, more than 1 window in the scratchpad:


i3, the indicator menu:


sway, scratchpad empty:


sway, 1 window in the scratchpad:


sway, more than 1 window in the scratchpad:


The script is available here. Instructions inside. You also need to download 3 icons.


Hard at work again @nwg . Nice

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LOL, noooo… It’ nothing but a toy. :wink:

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lol bad boy !