I3 Scratchpad: What do you use for and show your config

For me, I use it pretty exclusively for pacman (installs and mostly update).
Love that you keep it hidden yet callable at any given time then hide it again.

So - what are you using your for AND, would love to see how folks are configuring it.


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I hardly ever use Scratchpad, I completely forget it exists.

I should really spend more time with it.


I never really used it for anything; like dobbie03 pretty much forgot about it.

What are your keybindings for it? Is it possible to start the application in the scratchpad?


Never knew it existed, but I m no linux expert .

I’m assuming he means the i3 scratchpad (maybe clarify that in the title). The i3 scratchpad is a hidden workspace you can send open applications to - kind of like iconifying or hiding the window. You can then cycle through the applications on the scratchpad to bring one back into focus.

It’s actually a handy feature to work with floating windows in a tiling wm.

I’m not aware of an Arch package named “scratchpad”.

That is exactly what I was talking about. Sorry - I just kinda thought most all i3 folks would have seen the settings in the config. I never really paid much mind to it but did some investigating as to what’s it about. It is kinda handy

Use it to open and close keepassxc! Quite handy to have the password manager accessible as a floating window.

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Nice idea! Didn’t think of that one!