I3 polybar workspace indicator "1 1"

How can I fix this? I looked at the i3 file and the icons look OK. When I do super+1 it fixes its self. Is it possible to fix this? TIA Mike

@loonymike, how are we to provide help when all you provide are segmented sentences and a tiny scrot of your polybar? Seriously man. I don’t use i3 but looking at my testing box with the i3 polybar config loaded… looks nothing like that.

Please consider the way in which you address your questions and provide the necessary information needed by anyone to discern it.

Good start here

*anecdote Dude goes to the doctor and says "doctor doctor help me please, it hurts when I do this." Doctor reply’s "then don’t do that". :smile:

Please try to be more concise.

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OK, thanks so much! :yum:

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If you open a second workspace, does the icon look correct?

Looks to be some sort of font issue (polybar icons are part of installed font packages),

This only happens when I first boot up. It is like the bar does not refresh? But if I select the workspace then the icon is drawn correctly. I guess nothing is perfect? c’est la vie!

OK I switched to i3status. It gets me what I want and fixed that font/icon issue. Thanks for the help though. I am marking this solution found.

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i3status is nice; I use it with i3, spectrwm, and dwm.

Good you found a fix.