I run ArchLabs and am very satisfied. However, I’m a big i3 fan and won’t run OpenBox. Is there am easy way to “get rid of it”? I use my own config files for i3 and don’t use the specific parts that came with ArchLabs. I also rewrote polybar config. Help is welcome :slight_smile:

You can use pacman or pacli to remove openbox and it’s dependencies if you want. I’m not on an Arch setup righyt now, I think it’s "pacman -R ". In a terminal, “pacman -h” should give the short list of options, read the man page for details.

It probably should be sudo pacman - Rsn then. The package is called openbox?

“I run ArchLabs and am very satisfied. However, I’m a big i3 fan and won’t run OpenBox”
This sounds conflicted. ArcLabs is openbox.

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Yes run as root, and the window manager package is openbox.

And how are you logging into i3?

The ~/.xinitrc is set up for openbox to be the default for auto login. That can be edited to make i3 the default.

ArchLabs is not OpenBox. It supports both OpenBox and i3 out of the box. I run the latter.

I use a login manager and in my .xinitrc i3 is started so that should be no problem. I might get rid of the login manager in time since I’m the only user of this system and just want to be in i3 the minute the system boots up. Typing startx is not my thing :wink:

What @verndog means is that ArchLabs is associated with Openbox.

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Aha. I see. I did not know that. The reviews i read about archlabs all mentioned the support for both WMs. One of the reasons for choosing AL was that it was so good PLUS it supports i3 right out of the box. I, for one, never intended to use OpenBox although, i must say, i tried it and it runs very well. However, i wanted a tiling windows manager. If not, i surely would use OpenBox. It’s minimal and sleek.

On the subject of i3, has anyone loades Sway? I looked at a short video from the author. Impressive. Its Wayland supported. Sway is an i3 WM. Sway can among other things, can create i3gaps.

Not to derail the thread, but yes, I’ve tried it. Pretty stable. If you mostly use cli applications it will work for a user on a daily basis. Wayland tends to lock up gui applications on my systems though, so I’ll wait for it to actually replace Xorg - if it does.

AL introduced me to Openbox, but I also prefer i3 and using it on daily basis. Openbox lacks good multihead support, this is the main point for me. I can’t switch different workspaces on different screens :frowning:
When i come to office with my working laptop I connect it to external display - and it’s more usefull with i3.
Happy that AL let’s me to install i3 out of the box. So for me AL is a good preconfigured Arch with human oriented installer.
Just my 2 cents.

Tried it few times - not stable enough for daily work. Can fail few times in hour sometimes. Sometimes can work whole day. Like it but will wait for better stability.