I3 layouts, how to save?

Hi all, I have found a nice little program on github, very convinient to save your i3 layouts.
i3-layout-manager based on rofi.


Have you installed it? What’s Arch equivalent to x11-xserver-utils?

[EDIT] Alright, there’s a package in AUR.

Of course I 've installed it, did you find your equivalent package ?
Oups sorry you’re on Arch-based :smile:

Nope, decided to trust i3-layout-manager-git from AUR. :slight_smile:

The AUR package misses a dependency: perl-anyevent-i3. Should be installed manually if absent.

does it actually work? played with something similar, if not that actual package, but it just wouldn’t do anything. Grinds my gears to have to re-open a very specific set of programs and layouts every time I reboot…

It does. My Arch installation needed the package I mentioned above to get it to work.

What steps do you take to save then reload?

Just launch i3-layout-manager, and it displays the menu, You need rofi for it to appear. Note: it just loads layouts, does not launch programs, if I understood well. I’m away from all my Linux machines at the moment. Check the video on the site linked in OP.

So, after short testing: it works as expected / shown in the video. However, usability is limited, if it comes to me. I keep Google Hangouts open all the time. Opening Hangouts crashes i3 if the i3-layout-manager is running.