I3 how to drag and drop between workspaces?

For example:
How to drag a jpg file from Thunar on WS2 to Firefox with Archlabs forum post on WS3?

dragging to workspace indicator on bar doesnt work
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V doesnt work

Currently I move Thunar to WS3, drag and drop and then move Thunar back to WS2

Is there a better way?


right click the jpg file in thunar, “open with Firefox”. :grinning:

ermmmmmm …
then i have to right-click on picture in new tab in FF and copy-paste into forum post FF tab
are you pulling my leg? :smiley:

I know in this case I can use the ‘upload’ button in Discord, but am just wondering if it is possible in i3

OK, I lied. when I say ‘I know’ I mean ‘I just realised’, but am still intrigued if WS-X to WS-Y drag-drop is possible in i3 (when WS-X and WS-Y are on same monitor)

Firstly - don’t use discord.

Secondly - there is no way to perform D&D to a window that is currently unmapped (on another workspace), the WM doesn’t have much to do in this case without a lot of extra work.

Pretty sure like you mentioned, moving the window to the same workspace as the browser is the best option.

Have you tried to switch workspaces while in the d&d state?


I have now
and it works!

I now realise I have been saying ‘Discord’ instead of ‘Discourse’ for a while now …


Drop & drag works fine in dk and you can D&D more then one at a time to any workspace.
One only left click drag or more then one use control to hightlight each drag the last one.


This is just a plug…

LOL sometimes I catch myself doing the same :smiley:


Discord based on its definition always sounded like a terrible name for a community chat platform. “trainwreck” and “dumpsterfire” must have missed the cut.


I’ve never used it. Sounds like I am not missing out on much.

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Neither have I. Was gonna try it when messing with gentoo / funtoo but saw the name and diverted. It seems pretty popular with gamers though from what I’ve read.

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The federal government has copyright on those two.


I’ve tried Discord for some time, but recently deleted it again. Don’t know where the people get the time from to keep on chatting in places like that. Discord has a nagging privacy issue as well (so I used Flatpak + Flatseal). I focus here, where at least the conversation is diverse in topics and in personalities and we are still a civilised bunch (at least you lot are :wink: