I3 customise appearance

Everything else works fine but when I use customise appearance the themes and the icons don’t change they stay at the default, I’m using i3 it’s not a big issue it it a known problem or is it something in my installation, I may do a reinstall if no one else has experienced same issue

What program are you using to customize the appearance?

This happens if xfsettingsd and lxappearance are conflicting. Search the forums for xfsettingsd.

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Thanks i will have a look

sorry i use lxappearance

Then comment out the xfsettingsd in your startup files. Either the ~/.config/i3/config file or ~/.xprofile.


Thanks PackRat, that’s fixed it i commented out xfsettingsd

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Cool @Kamu glad it s fixed, please mark it as solved & its solution in order to help other members.