I was surprised

I remember that when I was young I ones tried to install Arch to my pc-computer. But I did not succeed in that :japanese_ogre:

Now I am 84 and while glancing through the May 2018 number of LINUX FORMAT I noticed the name of ArchLabs Linux. I thought that it is the terrible Arch I remember and I started installing it. To succeed ones before :angel:

But I was surpriced how easy everything went. This installer is the best I ever has met with Linux distributions. And my “Arch Linux” is now the best I ever has had.

But if something seems to bee too good to be threough … Now I know that ArchLabs Linux is not
Arch Linux. And possibly better so :grinning:


Welcome here man. AL is super !!

Nice words, but without Arch Linux, no ArchLabs! :wink:



That Cool! :+1:
It is a pleasure and welcome!


@fossiili, welcome to ArchLabs!


Are just details… (beginning of the 2nd paragraph) :+1: :grin:

Welcome aboard !

Yes. It’s a great distro. The only thing that bothers me at times is, that is it a relatively small distro. And i then wonder what will happen if the devs just ‘ quit’

If that happened, I am sure we would give plenty of notice. :slight_smile:

Hope that it wont happen.

I can’t predict the future but you have nothing to worry about :smiley:

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