I wanted to greet the many friends I met on this forum

I wanted to greet everyone, my stay in this forum is over.
I wish everyone good things.
Best regards

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Too bad that you re leaving us m8, glad to see yea mate. You ll be welcomed back if you want too.

I am sorry you took this decision, but you must have your good reason for that.
Take care

@ector I hope you and your family are well. You wiil be missed.

If you had read my post properly @ector you would have noticed I sad that particular thread was “done” I asked for another thread to be opened to continue discussion and start afresh.

Leave if you must, but I don’t agree with why you are.

At the end of the day, I hope you keep safe and avoid this disease.

@ector, stay safe, best wishes further. :slight_smile: