I use Archlabs at work now

Now I have been using Archlabs for 1 year at work!
It’s been going better than I thought!

I just miss one thing: sending and recieving SMS from my Archlabs laptop!

I am probably old-fashioned but I have a much bigger interest in computers than phones. Therefore I find it more comfortable with SMS on the computer (when it’s possible)

I have been using Iphone for some years now and that fits perfect with MacBookPro!
I have been looking for solutions for Iphone (IOS) - Linux but can not find any that involve SMS (sending-recieving). Do I have to change to Android?



Oh you young whipper-snappers… I still miss punch cards, punch paper tapes, mag tapes and wiring boards. :wink: Real programmers code in machine language… I still remember using GP300 assembler.


Lol, you forgot the cardex @manyroads . Remember my grand mother checking it out for the inventory as to when it was time to order !

What a change.

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New techs and google have killed people’s memory and desire to learn new things. AI might ruin this planet some day.


I, also, wrote code for electronic accounting machines… My first programming was a school budgetary package written in 128 WORDS on a Burroughs L3000 see: Burroughs L3000 | 102733059 | Computer History Museum


You guys are really experienced. :smiley:

@chroot I prefer to view myself as formerly “young”. :innocent:


Wow, remember the company s name only, wonder if it still exits. Will have to check.

A knowledgeable person @manyroads

No Burroughs is long gone… it was bought out by Univac & became Unisys.

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Oh thx, didn t know that, I must say that I stopped watching companies as I used to do when I was younger. Weird, it looks like it s supposed to be the contrary right ! lol

AirDroid seems to be the answer. The app is also available in Apple App Store.

Update: I did a quick test on their iOS version. Looks like phone & message features which are available for Android devices are missing on iOS.

Honestly, I was an Android user than iPhone, now I am android and won’t ever switch back.

“Apple does not allow developers to override the default messaging app (iMessage)”

I use Pulse SMS and I can access it anywhere with a browser and I don’t even need my phone on me. I can be miles away and still use it.
Plus you have way more options and customization with Android.

I went iPhone because at the time the best devices on the market for Android were Samsung, and they shipped with Touchwiz, the worst freakin’ UI ever designed for mobile. So I flashed all kinds of buggy AOSP ROM’s one month after I bought a Sammy, which killed my warranty, but the Sammy lost any value a month after I bought it because Samsung would flood the market with other GS devices, I just hate freakin’ Samsung. Plus Apple controls the boot stack, the updates are immediate, the device still retains value, and it’s not as fragmented as Android devices are.

Android as an OS I can deal with, I just hate the Android OEM’s. I use my mobile device strictly as utilitarian, hell I would buy a Blackberry Key device if they were cheap enough, as I don’t load it full of apps I never use, like games and stuff. I just use it for business, nothing more.


world gets flooded with rats

BTW, this thread title almost gave me a flashback to hearing “I use FreeBSD now” at work.

Ha ha! I know we have it easy!


Yes I saw that too!
Is switching to a Linux-phone a good Idea?


Thank you guys for good insight and knowledge (and really funny remarks!)

It seems I have to change phone to Android (or Linux-phone?) if I want to use my computer for SMS.
My 2 year old Iphone X works very well still so there is no hurry. I was just curious.


I was close to going with the pinephone but decided against it. I didn’t want to just have bare minimal stuff. Instead I just bought a LG dual screen for like $450 and happy with it. Linux phone still (in my opinon) still has a long way to go.

Nope. It’s far from ready and probably will never be ready in the future. It’s difficult to build the ecosystem. These days, a phone does much more than just phone calls. I would stay with iPhones.