I think it's time to leave Nano for

I been using nano (in one form or another) throughout my Linux experience.
While I enjoyed the ease of use, I really think it’s probably time to drop Nano for something a bit more true to Linux. My first thought (and only, really) is going to vim. Maybe in time (doubtful) I might go to vi itself. But I think for now, it’s time.

If anyone would care to chime in with alternative editors, feel free to do so. I would be interested to hear what others used to use and are using now.


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I just use Sublime Text. Does the job for me :smiley:


Once you go vi / vim you never go back. The force is too strong … with the keybinding. It’s all I use. I once learned emacs as well but developed a cramp.

vi, vim, or emacs if you intend to stay with cli applications.

Sublime, emacs or geany if you prefer gui.

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vi/vim basics aren’t to bad. I forced myself to use it for a few weeks so I could get used to it. If i’m on the cli it is now my default, that said, if using the GUI i go sublime or vscode(hides)

Guess that I m too much used to Nano on my end, might be tough getting used to something esle.

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Vim has a somehow hard learning curve, but it’s worth it !
Graphical i’d go with VScode, but they are all the same anyway

Most of the gui editors also usually have some sort of Vim mode.

My advice is install wine and then get notepad. That is the coolest setup imo!

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Yeah, I like that too :slight_smile:

I hate to be “that guy” but there is really only one option…

ed man! !man ed

It’s an old joke but I do use ed for quick, small edits, it is ruthlessly efficient if you know what you’re doing with it.

Otherwise though it’s vim all the way — I do actually prefer emacs but my laptop needs non-free firmware so I use vim for penance.[1]

My ~/.profile:

export EDITOR='9 ed'
export VISUAL='vim'

I prefer the Plan9 version of ed.

[1] Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editor_war

Every forum has to have one :smiley:

I jest.

One of these days I am going to learn either vim or emacs. Emacs for some reason attracts me more, I don’t know why.

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I use Spacemacs, which is Emacs combined with Vim (via Evil-mode).
You don’t have to learn all the emacs shortcuts, a lot of menu are accessible via the space-bar (hence the name spacemacs).
I used Sublime and Atom which have a lot of plugin extension, and both have a Vim shortcut extension.
I can share my config files if anyone is interested
If you want to learn vim, you can try Shortcutfoo.com which is pretty fun.


I have dabbled in Spacemacs and have it installed. shortcutfoo.com is brilliant.

Wouldn’t mind seeing your configs please :smiley:

What is the easiest way to share ?

Dropbox or google drive are good if you haven’t a gitlab or github account.

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pastebin is also good; but they hit with you email ads to upgrade from the free to the pro version.

another interesting text editor to use is SciTE. Bit of a pain to configure but pretty smooth and not a whole lot of dependencies.

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I have taken to using Teknik for sharing scrots when scrot.moe finds them too large and also for pasting large amounts of code. Its a little nicer to look at than pastebin.

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I like paste.debian.net, no ads there :slight_smile:

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Here is my .spacemacs

.spacemacs on Dropbox

@Chris I’ve been using vim for about a year now and in it around 4hrs a day minimum. I am very happy with it overall so would definitely recommend to anyone interested in efficient modal editing.

I generally use pastebin but I don’t have an account at all so this isn’t an issue.

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